This month we are celebrating a significant milestone for the service provision at Healing Touch: the second anniversary of the launch of Neurological Occupational Therapy (OT) services within our rehab team.

Healing Touch OT Services

Since the launch in 2022, we have witnessed remarkable progress, heartfelt transformations, and countless moments of resilience.

From empowering individuals to regain independence in daily activities to fostering renewed hope and confidence, our journey has been one of dedication and collaboration, making a meaningful impact on the lives of those we serve.

Our work

Within our OT service, we provide comprehensive assessments and personalised treatments for individuals undergoing rehabilitation, occupational therapy, or neurological conditions.

Our team of expert therapists takes a holistic approach, considering the physical, psychological, social, and environmental needs of each individual. We focus on enhancing strengths, abilities, and healthcare requirements to improve functional skills and manage daily activities effectively.

Looking back and projecting forward

Reflecting on the past two years, we deeply thank our clients, their families, and our dedicated team members, Clinical Director, Kay Ganguly said:

“The essence of Neuro Occupational Therapy lies not only in its tangible outcomes but also in the intangible moments of empowerment, resilience, and hope it instils in every individual it touches. Looking ahead, we are inspired to continue our mission of enhancing lives, advocating for inclusivity, and pushing the boundaries of neurorehabilitation. We embark on the next chapter of our journey with enthusiasm and determination.”

More milestones for Healing Touch

The launch of the OT services back in 2022 allowed us to welcome the wonderful Jenny Hughes, our Neuro Rehab Occupational Therapist, who also celebrates her two-year anniversary this month.

Jenny is a highly experienced occupational therapist and an expert in her field. She has developed care pathways for children and adults with neurological injuries, educated and trained care teams, and supported vocational rehab and housing adaptations.

Her treatment approach focuses on environmental assessment, home adaptation assessment, functional and standardised falls assessments (Westmead Home Safety Assessment, Homefast) and cognitive assessments (RUDAS, MOCA, ACE).

Jenny has been a guiding light for the past two years, empowering countless lives with expertise, empathy, and unwavering commitment. She always guides our clients towards independence, strength, and joy. Through her tireless efforts, she has not only helped our patients reclaim their independence, but she inspires us all to strive for excellence in our everyday roles.

Here’s to two years of resilience and growth, countless milestones achieved, and many more years of empowering lives and transforming futures!