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Our Brand Inspiration

We have rebranded and the concept for our brand is based around Kintsugi, a philosophy which views breakage and repair as part of the unique history of an object. When applied to people, it celebrates the things that make us who we are. Our practice is built around our patients and our values allude to the fact that we repair and rehabilitate with skill, passion and care.

Welcome to Healing Touch Rehab

Children’s and Adult Neurological Rehabilitation Services
Healing Touch Rehab is a specialist rehabilitation service for children and adults with neurological injuries. We offer assessment, management and recommendation relating to client’s long term rehabilitation needs.  We are instructed as expert witnesses for  clinical evidence in personal injury and clinical negligence  cases for the process of proceedings.

What We Do

Children's Physiotherapy

Occupational Therapy

Brain Injury Services

Adult Neurological Therapy

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Respiratory Physiotherapy

Moving and Handling

Transitional Support

Personal Training

Remote Consultations

What We Do

Children's Physiotherapy

Transitional Physiotherapy Support

Brain Injury Services

Adult Neuro Physiotherapy

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy

Remote Consultations

Moving and Handling

Respiratory Physiotherapy

Personal Training


Mr Stainthorp

Healing Touch Rehab took over our daughters rehabilitation care, creating a bespoke program many years after she had acquired a brain injury. She was physically regressing and we had severe challenges managing her progressive scoliosis, until we instructed Healing Touch. She had severe tonal fluctuations, developing contractures, scoliosis tightening of limbs and needed Botox injections every 6 months, we always felt we were chasing our tails and fighting a losing battle.

For the first time since her accident we have not needed the Botox and have seen freedom of movement that could allow her to move her limbs in a meaningful way! Objective measures & Goldsmith body symmetry assessments are concluded every 6 months & to my surprise her spinal curvature has de-rotated with the prescribed provision & intensive rehabilitation within a years’ time!

This has all been achieved with a robust postural management plan excellently disseminated through our team of carers & our highly skilled physiotherapist!

We are ever so thankful for the positive contribution team Healing touch has on our daughter’s life, with their excellent knowledge & highly skilled therapists, they have made a lasting effective life changing difference.

Paula Foster - JSP Manchester

Working with Healing Touch Rehab Ltd has reinforced my commitment when working towards the rehabilitation of people with a brain injury. They demonstrate a genuine desire to work cohesively with professionals to address the challenges that people face following a brain injury and remain person-centred. I would recommend Healing Touch Rehab Ltd. Thanks Kay.

Carolyn Heaton - Partner IM Leeds - Serious Injuries Team

Kay has been a treating physiotherapist on various paediatric brain injury cases and, as part of this, has been an integral part of the MDT. Kay works closely with the injured child, their family and the wider team to deliver hands on therapy leading to tangible and beneficial goals and outcomes.

Georgina Petty - Senior Case Manager

Kay has undertaken some excellent rehabilitation work and achieved great progress with my client. She is proactive, flexible, produces and regularly reviews detailed programmes and risk assessments. Kay maintains excellent communication throughout. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

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