What Our Clients Have to Say

Isaac has a fantastic relationship with the Healing Touch Rehab team. Isaac has spastic diplegic cerebral palsy and had SDR surgery in May 2019. Kay, Victoria Rathbone and the team have worked intensively with Isaac over the past year or so in developing a program of successful physiotherapy interventions to get the best results from his operation. The effects of the efforts that the team have put in are extraordinary – Isaac’s balance, coordination, stamina, physical ability and mental determination have all improved hugely. Isaac looks forward to his meetings with the team; it isn’t a chore to him, he genuinely enjoys the time he spends with the physios, because they make hard work seem like play! Thank you so much to Kay and Vic, and to the new team member, Harpeet, for building such a wonderful rapport with Isaac and for being part of his rehabilitation. I even asked Vic if she would leave the team to come and be our live in carer, as the whole family adores her! Sadly, she loves her work just too much! 🙂

Rachel Johnson, Isaac Johnson’s Mum

Healing Touch Rehab took over our daughters rehabilitation care, creating a bespoke program many years after she had acquired a brain injury. She was physically regressing and we had severe challenges managing her progressive scoliosis, until we instructed Healing Touch. She had severe tonal fluctuations, developing contractures, scoliosis tightening of limbs and needed Botox injections every 6 months, we always felt we were chasing our tails and fighting a losing battle.

For the first time since her accident we have not needed the Botox and have seen freedom of movement that could allow her to move her limbs in a meaningful way! Objective measures & Goldsmith body symmetry assessments are concluded every 6 months & to my surprise her spinal curvature has de-rotated with the prescribed provision & intensive rehabilitation within a years’ time!

This has all been achieved with a robust postural management plan excellently disseminated through our team of carers & our highly skilled physiotherapist!

We are ever so thankful for the positive contribution team Healing Touch has on our daughter’s life, with their excellent knowledge & highly skilled therapists, they have made a lasting effective life changing difference.

Mr Stainthorp

In February 2020, my son Nathan acquired a traumatic brain injury from falling at a substantial height. The team at Healing Touch Rehab were instructed to assess Nathan and I was extremely impressed by their assessment and recommendations. Nothing was overlooked or rushed. Nathan’s medical issues were identified, including  his vestibular and sensory motor processing challenges.  An extremely detailed report was produced with a clear plan of action to help Nathan recover. One of the things which was really difficult for Nathan and for us, as his parents, was  Nathan’s deterioration in his physical abilities. Nathan went from a happy five year old, who could easily catch a ball, had excellent  hand/eye coordination , balance and normal core strength, to being considerably weak in all these areas. We are now nearly two years into Nathan’s rehabilitation and it’s down to the highly skilled team of experts that Nathan is now reaching age appropriate goals, and ultimately loving sport and physical activity once more.

Without the help, support and expertise of Healing Touch Rehab Nathan certainly wouldn’t be at the stage he is today, a highly recommended service!

Ms Edwards 

I have worked with several physiotherapists from Healing Touch Rehab; all have been extremely professional, yet adaptable to communicate easily with children of varying abilities.

They all are experts in their fields and with personalised treatment plans they offer  that results are evident to see, from postural care, pressure sore management, chest physiotherapy, neurological rehabilitation to educating and training family and their care teams with moving and handling procedures.

I wish them good luck in their future ventures

Kerry Turner
Case Manager


I have worked alongside Kay both as a treating OT and as case manage. We have instructed the team Victoria, Anna and Karolina on various occasions to work with our clients. We have always found the team at Healing Touch Rehab to be extremely knowledgeable, hardworking, proactive and to have a wonderful manner with all of their clients.

The team always supports their clients to achieve their goals and fulfil their potential. I would highly recommend.

Jackie Chappel

Director, Occupational Therapist and Case Manager

Positive OT & Case Management Ltd

I have received fantastic feedback from my client and the family regarding Karolina, she has worked extremely hard to bring the desirable outcome and has proven to be a great member of the multidisciplinary team.

Thank you

Kate Barron

Case Manager

Positive OT and Case Management Ltd

Thank you Kay for you quick actions in implementing equipment and advice on repositioning and postural support for my client with developing pressure sore, this has made a dramatic change in such a short period of time and could without your input been a very different outcome.

Thank you again.

Case Manager


Kay has undertaken some excellent rehabilitation work and achieved great progress with my client. She is proactive, flexible, produces and regularly reviews detailed programmes and risk assessments. Kay maintains excellent communication throughout. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Georgina Petty
Senior Case Manager 

Kay has been a treating physiotherapist on various paediatric brain injury cases and, as part of this, has been an integral part of the MDT.  Kay works closely with the injured child, their family and the wider team to deliver hands on therapy leading to tangible and beneficial goals and outcomes.

Carolyn Heaton

Partner IM Leeds
Serious Injuries Team

Working with Healing Touch Rehab Ltd has reinforced my commitment when working towards the rehabilitation of people with a brain injury. They demonstrate a genuine desire to work cohesively with professionals to address the challenges that people face following a brain injury and remain person-centred. I would recommend Healing Touch Rehab Ltd. Thanks Kay.

Paula Foster
JSP Manchester

Kay has worked with several of my clients over the last few years and has been a valuable part of their rehabilitation journey. Kay has developed an excellent working relationship with my clients and their family ensuring the best outcome at all times. She produces informative reports, risk assessments and protocols and ensures that goals are achieved. She is highly knowledgeable in her field of expertise, remains professional at all times and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Patti Summerfield
Care and Case Management Expert
CPPS Expert Care and OT Services Ltd

I have worked with Kay for approximately eight months and have always found her to be extremely professional and reliable. Kay kept me informed of my client’s progress along their journey.

Kay is very proactive and I highly recommend both Kay and Karolina.

Diane Kelly

Case Manager

Bush and Company Rehabilitation Ltd

Kay has been working with my 9 month old daughter for the past few months. My daughter has delayed gross and fine motor skills following birth injury. She sets attainable, short-term goals, and the physiotherapy sessions are much focused yet play centred. I am particularly impressed with the specific massage she includes as part of the sessions, as I feel this is a key part of the treatment and I know that not all physiotherapists offer this. I have definitely seen huge improvements with my daughter’s core strength, head control, tolerance to being in the prone position, reduction in tone of her limbs and overall strength.

Healing Touch Rehab are very professional in their approach, yet also very personable and have a gentle manner. They take time to listen to you which is a really great support, especially when one is feeling disheartened. They come armed with a positive attitude, and is very reassuring while still being realistic

Parent from Leeds

Thanks Kay for such a thorough report and outcome of Isaac’s body symmetry assessment, particularly presenting it in such a way that he will understand! It all makes sense to me, can I just say thank you so much, and you are truly wonderful! I can think of so many children that I worked with that could have benefited from this kind of treatment in childhood and I am so grateful that Isaac is getting this at a young age to hopefully prevent spinal and hip damage.

Rachel Johnson, Isaac’s mum


Harry has now had his first few sessions with Healing Touch and we are amazed how quickly he has taken to it, he is usually very distressed at any appointments he attends but he actually looks forward to his sessions with Kay and Harpreet which is such a relief as a parent to know that he is happy and keen to see them. Thank you to all the team!

Jennifer Waddington, Harry’s Mum