Respiratory Physiotherapy

Respiratory Physiotherapy

As a part of our service, we offer respiratory care and therapy to our complex clients to maximise optimum health benefits, improve quality of life, their wellbeing and prevent hospital admissions.

Our community based respiratory service is suitable for ambulatory patients to the more profound complex patients who have a respiratory compromise and are at risk of developing chest infections and hospitalisation. The end goal of chest physiotherapy is to improve respiratory function.

Respiratory physiotherapy management involves treatment modalities to enable clients with underlying respiratory conditions by removing secretions from the lungs and airways and providing the opportunity for lung expansion and increased oxygenation. Accumulated secretions are likely to impede the supply and meet the oxygen demands of the body alongside causing a breeding ground for chest infections, pneumonia and can lead  to respiratory failure if untreated.

Respiratory physiotherapy consists of various treatments, child friendly games as required for paediatric clients and exercises including Active Cycle of Breathing (ACBT), vibrations, percussions, use of palm cups, postural drainage and changes in position to support respiratory function. We also provide assessment for equipment that may be required to help gain lung expansion, promote coughing and mechanical help to remove secretions such as vibration vests and flutters.


Our therapists work alongside the client’s acute respiratory service and help with any existing respiratory plans, facilitate client’s rehabilitation and maximise their recovery process.

We Can Offer

  • Respiratory assessments
  • Regular hands on chest physiotherapy treatment
  • Training to family, school staff, carer team and agency staff
  • Offer positional advice
  • Provide respiratory plans and advice sheets
  • Assessment of suitable equipment to promote respiratory function

To instruct, our clinical specialist and respiratory physiotherapist, Vanessa Gronow please contact us here