We’re pleased to announce that our Clinical Director, Kay Ganguly will join the Neuro Rehab Times’ roundtable discussion as an expert panellist on Wednesday 12 June.

The roundtable, titled ‘Rebuilding Lives after Child Brain Injury’ is an important conversation about supporting children and families through challenging times and helping them navigate the journey of recovery and resilience. The panel will discuss approaches in Child Brain Injury Care, systematic and widespread challenges in paediatric neurorehabilitation and some wider challenges affecting families of children with ABI.

Kay, an Independent Consultant in Physiotherapy and Neurorehabilitation, specialises in complex disability including brain injuryspinal injury and other physical disability with cognitive impairments. Her area of expertise is in recommending and planning rehabilitation needs for neurologically impaired children and adults.

Kay is honoured to be invited and will share insights at the upcoming round table, she commented:

“As someone passionate about advocating for children’s health and well-being, I believe this is an opportunity to educate and build awareness on how to optimise patient outcomes collectively. I look forward to sharing insights, learning from others, and contributing to meaningful solutions that positively impact lives.”

Keep an eye on our LinkedIn for updates from the round table.