Brain Injury

Comprehensive Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Healing Touch Physiotherapy offers this service in Leeds, York, Manchester, and the surrounding areas. The service offers assessment and long term rehabilitation to adult and paediatric clients with acquired brain injury, birth injuries, traumatic brain injury and other complex neurological conditions. We believe every client irrespective of their age or injury has an ability to change, improve and achieve by neuroplasticity.

We are instructed by a legal team and case managers for detailed comprehensive assessment, recommendations, planning future brain injury recovery, rehabilitation, goals and treatment. We work closely with our client’s, carer’s team, family, school, college and their case manager to a step by step goal centred brain injury rehabilitation plan. We are involved in the assessment of safe manual handling procedures, risk assessment and training of staff working with our client. From child brain injuries to injuries in adults, our brain injury rehabilitation in Leeds is designed with your safety and success in mind.

Our Rehabilitation Approach Focuses on 

  • Initial assessment report with recommendations and prescription.
  • Ongoing targeted goal centred brain injury treatment to maximise our client’s potential.
  • Management of tone, spasticity, atypical movement patterns and developing postural awareness.
  • Assessment and treatment plan using hydrotherapy if appropriate for client.
  • Assessment and treatment using rebound (trampoline) therapy if appropriate for client.
  • Equipment review and ongoing training
  • Assist with community based rehabilitation that takes place at leisure/ sports centres/ gym and hydrotherapy pool to help our client develop confidence to socialise, integrate and engage within the community based set up.
  • Assist in vocational activities, community based leisure and sports activities.