At Healing Touch, we work with clients recovering from traumatic brain injuries and other neurological conditions, from children to adults. We aim to help our clients achieve their fullest potential and regain their optimal performance, flexibility, endurance, and functionality and we love to see how our work is improving their quality of life. Here is Adam’s story.

Brain injury and left thoracic lumbar scoliosis

At only six years of age, Adam suffered acquired brain injury. Now, aged 18 years old, he has been diagnosed with left thoracic lumbar scoliosis.

Before our assessment, Adam used the Jenx Dreama Sleep System with blocks on either sides of his chest that offered some support but did not address the rotation of the chest.

Healing Touch Assessment and Plan

For our assessment, we used The Goldsmith Indices of Body Symmetry to measure, a standardised measurement tool that provides an objective baseline for postural management plan, increases sensitivity to early signs of asymmetry and informs direction of postural equipment provision. Reliable clinical measurement was taken every 12 months to enable measurement of thoracic rib cage and symmetry, pelvic orientation, and hip range, allowing accurate tracking of postural changes over time.

The measurements enabled us to set out an early intervention plan, with the appropriate use of equipment that is likely to limit further deterioration (and prevent future surgeries). This also allowed us to detect bodily changes and emerging secondary musculoskeletal changes. Prior to the assessment, we explained the procedure to Adam so that he remained relaxed during the procedure.

Following the measurements, we explained to his family that Adam’s chest was rotating in an anti-clockwise direction. Unless he underwent correction with de-rotation, further deviation of body alignment would aid progression of his scoliosis and exacerbate asymmetry.

Adam’s therapy

We attained a de-rotation of his thoracic cage and pelvis with the use of a symmetry kit system, blocking the left side of the chest with a block. We then used a sheet under his upper body to rotate his chest in the clockwise direction, with another block being used on the right to help maintain this position. Both, knees and ankles were aligned to neutral. Adam has used this system for the past four years, consistently alongside his day time postural management, use of equipment and active engagement in therapy.

Adam has since been discharged from the orthopaedic team at Leeds General Infirmary, after years of using the tools.

Looking to the future

Commenting on the progress, Healing Touch’s Clinical Director, Kay Ganguly said:

“Adam can now engage in motor skills! He can stand supported and transfer from sit to stand with a transfer aid. Adam is now able to regulate his emotions and is so much happier. His behaviour towards staff at college has improved, and he sees his postural care making positive changes to his life. He has developed confidence, and finally feels that he is in control of his body – successively limiting any further deterioration.”

Comprehensive Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Our team of specialists is dedicated to offering the best rehabilitation and treatment options for clients recovering from traumatic brain injuries. We focus on planning future recovery goals and delivering tailored therapy programmes that are directed towards improving functional abilities and managing the potential long-term effects of these injuries. From child brain injuries to injuries in adults, our brain injury rehabilitation services in Leeds, York and Manchester are designed with your safety and success in mind.

Expert Witness

Given our extensive clinical experience, several members of the Healing Touch Team are also regularly instructed as expert witnesses to provide evidence in often complex and catastrophic personal injury and clinical negligence cases.

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