We’re pleased to announce that our Clinical Director and Independent Consultant in Physiotherapy and Neurorehabilitation, Kay Ganguly, has been invited to speak as part of Irwin Mitchell’s All You Need to Know to Support You and Your Child’s Needs’ bitesize webinar series.

At 12pm on Wednesday, 24th April, Kay will join Irwin Mitchell’s Medical Negligence Partner, Ross McWilliams, for ‘Fun for the Family: Accessing Leisure Services. During the webinar, Kay and Ross will discuss how to ensure equitable access to leisure facilities for children with disabilities, a topic close to Kay’s heart and vital for fostering joy, growth, and social interaction.

Parents, caregivers, educators, facility staff and anyone passionate about inclusivity are invited to join the webinar to be empowered with the knowledge and tools needed to create welcoming environments where every child can thrive. Attendees will:

  • Gain insights into the diverse needs and abilities of children with disabilities and learn how to recognise and address specific challenges to ensure a positive recreational experience
  • Discover the importance of adaptive equipment and how to integrate it effectively within leisure facilities
  • Learn how to develop inclusive recreational programs and modifying games and exercises to promote participation and enjoyment for all children
  • Explore methods for fostering empathy, understanding, and respectful interactions with children with disabilities.

Kay, an Independent Consultant in Physiotherapy and Neurorehabilitation, specialises in complex disabilities, including brain injuryspinal injury, and other physical disabilities with cognitive impairments. She has extensive experience ranging from acute Teaching Hospitals to community-based rehabilitation. Her area of expertise is in recommending and planning rehabilitation needs for neurologically impaired children and adults. With her extensive clinical experience, Kay is regularly instructed as an expert witness to provide evidence in complex and catastrophic personal injury and clinical negligence cases.

Kay is delighted to join the webinar series and share insights and tools to facilitate inclusive leisure activities for disabled children; she commented: “It is a pleasure to be invited to join Irwin Mitchell’s children’s needs webinar series in April alongside Ross McWilliams. Understanding and facilitating equitable access to leisure facilities for children with diverse needs and abilities is key to helping them thrive, grow and interact effectively. I’m looking forward to sharing my experience and case studies from my own practice with attendees, and I thank Irwin Mitchel for involving me in the series.”

Find out more about the webinar and book your place on the Irwin Mitchell website.